1. Aftermarket Sets READ BFORE YOU ORDE!!!!!
    PLEASE scroll down page and read before you purchase
  2. Model Repair
    My career began as a draftsman then progressed into industrial design model building. I have over 30 years in the construction and repair of this type of models. I have more repairs under my belt than I am able to post photos here. Some clients request that I do not make public the projects I have done for them. There is an old saying that a picture is worth a thousand words. If this is so, a good display model can be worth thousands of photos. 3D cad is great but many just can not easily visualize what they are seeing in a flat screen 3D image. Should you need a model built from scratch or a model repaired for display feel free to contact me for a free estimate.
  3. Custom Resin Parts
    You are building a special model project and have created a part for the model. Problem is you need several of this same part. This scenario comes up often. Using your part I can make a mold and cast as many copies as you may need. On occasion modelers do this and in lieu of payment they trade me the part for my services. They get the parts they need and I have a new item for the Lone Star Models product list. Or say you lose a part and need another replacement. If you can borrow the part from another modeler I can recreate it for your model. The copies and original are returned to you. All for a nominal fee.
It should be no surprise to any that this C-19 virus has disrupted most of the commerce of the planet. Even for small operations as Lone Star Models. So far I have managed to secure the materials I need to keep producing but the shipping end is another matter. My usual box supplier is in New Your City and all of NYC is shut down. I finally found a Texas supplier that is still operating so that issue has been resolved. I am shipping but I try to limit my Mail runs to once a month instead of once a week. California is the home of my decal printer, Microscale. They too are closed. So until they can reopen most of my new kits will be on hold.  The 1/72 CH-54 tanker,P-51 racer Foxey Lady, CH-54 bomber,1/72 PB4Y2 decals , and others.
Try and stay safe! Mike

I have over 40 years as a professional /industrial model builder. I offer my services to repair models used for trade shows or office display. Some of these repairs can be seen here on this page. Contact me via e-mail for a free estimate.

I no longer accept credit cards online. Checks or Money orders are accepted if in US Dollars.

A small shipping fee has now been added . Same  for any and all orders.  I ship world wide. The USPS does not offer tracking on foreign shipping. If you need this I can send registered mail that does include tracking but this is an extra cost. 


   Please allow at least  6 weeks for delivery from time of purchase.  I am a one man shop and am backlogged most all of the time. I will get to your order as fast as I am able. This does not mean all orders will take this length of time but be aware that they can at times.
For those interested in Resin and Vacuform models check out this facebook page   https://.facebook.com/groups/695711033832473/
This is a moderated closed group but it is easy to join. Please let the moderator John know you saw it here.    

   LONE STAR MODELS is a one-man operation. I now receive a very large volume of orders. Many are also of multiple items. I work as fast as I can but I can not ship rapidly. All orders are made to order so you please be patient. 

Lone Star Models began in 1985 with a contract to create a 1/48 F2G corsair model for a new client. Word of mouth brought the advent of a set of master copies for the F2G as a conversion kit. At the time finding good information was more difficult than it is today and the kit was lacking in many details.

I had always had an interest in the ironclad ships of the U.S. Civil war too. I scratch built a model of the C.S.S. Atlanta in 1/192 scale and entered it in the model competition at an IPMS Nationals. On my way home I stopped in to visit the CSN Museum in Columbus Georgia. The Curator was very excited to see the model and I was hired to build a diorama for the museum. As an offshoot of this, I made molds of those two ships as well. Over the following years with the museum’s help, I created around 30 Civil War ship models. This part of my kit line has been sold to FlagShip Models where they can still be purchased today.

Lone Star Models is involved in resin aftermarket detail sets, conversions and complete kits. In  2017, Lone Star Models purchased the assets of Cobra Company.

 Lone Star Models has also recently  purchased the rights to the 6 sets made previously by Red Bear Resins

​The 1/48 TBF, F4F, and F4U4 wing folds were originally produced by Danger Boy

ALL 150  Cobra Company sets will eventually make a comeback and be available. The 1/144 sets were sold to Black Bird models in England are are being re-released by them.