Welcome to the new Lone Star Models Web Site.

All orders are now shipping postage paid. This does not include the built ups.

Texas residence the 8.25% sales tax should  automatically be added upon      check out.

Checks and Money Orders are accepted. They must be drawn on a U.S. Bank and
be in U.S. currency.                                    


There are currently three headings in the Store feature. The default and          
first one is All Products. For specific         scales place your cursor over LSM or        Cobra and you will see a drop down           menu. All products are sorted by scale      and those scales are shown. So                 anything beneath                                        the 1/48 for instance is 1/48 scale. If youare browsing in the All Products heading, The first number designates scale too. 7= 1/72, 4= 1/48 and 3= 1/32

Cobra CO. sets , all 150 of these sets are planned to be re-released. I have no schedule for release. I am working on one or two from each scale per month. I have one remaining from the 1/32 scale category and a few from the 1/144 . 

​ Thanks for stopping by!