Ordering information
Pay Pal accepted
I no longer accept Fax orders

Ordering instructions:
If using my order form ,fill it out Including the part number and description. Please write legibly and include your e-mail address.
Sorry but I do not take phone in orders. Since LSM is a one man operation there is no one to answer and take orders by phone.
You can mail, or e-mail  your order. If you wish to use Pay Pal, you do not need my form,  please include what you wish to order on their form.  There is a message box.  
If sending a Money Order or a Check  Please make it to Lone Star Models

  Due to the lack of orders paid with a Credit Card, Lone Star Models will cease accepting Visa and MasterCard for mail order payments. No sense paying their fees for something I seldom need. I will however accept these cards in person at shows through the Cube on my Cell Phone.

Use my   e-mail address,  LSMODELS@PDQ.NET 
 for Pay Pal payments.


If using Pay Pal: Log onto the Pay Pal site
use my email address as Payee LSMODELS@PDQ.NET
Somewhere on their Make a payment page is a message box. PLEASE USE IT!!!!! Type there what you are ordering. It helps me keep things  straight.

Credit cards are no longer accepted for mail orders.
ALSO if writing to inquire about an order , just saying hi this is So and So where is my order, isn't going to work. I need to know a first and last name and what you ordered to give you any sort of an answer.

Credit cards are no longer accepted for mail orders

For an Order form:
Please e-mail me at LSMODELS@PDQ.NET and I will forward you a PDF file for one.

If you use PAY PAL you do not need my form.

Postage CONUS up to $50.00  $7.00
$50.00 and up $10.00

Foreign: up to $50.00  $13.00
$50.00 and up, $18.00

Thanks! Mike