1/48 Cockpits  
Detail sets  Conversions
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LSM 40344
B-58 3-place cockpit set
LSM 40323                  B-58  Engine  upgrade (4 sets) $37.00  includes intakes and exhausts         
LSM 40174                        LSM 40202
F8F-2 cowling                  F8F wheel bay
$16.00                            $20.00
LSM 40177                        LSM 40175
F8F cockpit                   F8F diamond pattern 
  $20.00                                  $6.00                         
LSM 40142   
F7F 1000 Gallon tank

   LSM 40284    
F7U cockpit

LSM 40281                         
T-28 Wheels                       
LSM 40338    
XP-61E conversion  $35.00                                                                                                                                     
     LSM 40365                                   LSM 40348                       F2G cockpit                                 AT-6 Hollywood Zero
    $15.00                                         $20.00 OOP
LSM 40369                                         
F7F Wing intakes 4 pcs. $15.00   
F7F Tigercat
Fire Bombers
T-28 Trojan
P-47C Thunderbolt
B-26 Marauder
F8F Bearcat
These items are designed for the Hobbycraft/Minicraft kits, but they can be used on the older Hawk kit as well.
B-58 Hustler
 Jenny, Stearman
LSM 40141
F-15 Reporter
conversion $50..00

LSM 40393 
Pilot's cockpit  $15.00
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P-61 Blackwidow
Hawk/Ryan PT series kit conversions
LSM 40412
British Fighter
Hollywood radial cowling
as used in DIVE BOMBER
one piece resin  $12.00
LSM 40413
PT-22 Conversion
11 parts $18.00
LSM 40414
PT-20 /22 cockpit
8 parts  $20.00

Dornier DO 217 N-2
conversion for Monogram DO217 kit

LSM 40407
DO 217 N-2 conversion 
34 resin parts  
LSM 40314
PBJ-1J nose radar
LSM 40327
PBJ-1J wing radar
LSM 40367
P-47 C flat keel
LSM 40376
P-47 C ferry tank only
LSM 40424 P-61 cockpit set 
Designed for the Monogram kit, may fit the Great Wall kit 11 pieces $20.00   
LSM 40421 P-61/ B-26 Marauder replacement props and spinners. For GWH or Monogram kit. $10.00

PV-1 Ventura  
LSM 40439
 PV-1 Diamond pattern replacement tires  $6.00

Closed bomb bay 
Replacement exhaust
PV-1 Night  fighter 9 pcs.
Large intakes
LSM 40450
Replacement tires
use kit rims
Entry door
LSM 40453
Cockpit set for Roden / Monogram kit.
Pictured in a Monogram kit fuselage.
LSM 40471
Wheel bays, Roden kit only.
$24.00 Not available 
LSM 40459
F7F2D Drone Controller.  Pilot's and Controllers cockpits are included. Two drones and aft cockpit fiaring plus canopy   $40..00  OOP
LSM 40462
US Mail Truck conversion,some cargo is included.
For RPM Model T Ambulance kit. Decals and posters are included.   $27.00   
LSM 40465 
Bomb racks 2/ $7.00 
P3 Orion
LSM 40469
For Tigger vac kit
LSM 40495 
1/48 F4U-1 Wing joint reinforcment
plugs for Tamiya F4U-1/1a kits
Makes assembly of the wing in the flying position easier.
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LSM 40501
P-61 Fixed Turret $8.00
LSM 40503
P-61 Empty pylons (4) $6.00
LSM 40505
JN4/Canuk conversion
5 pcs $18.00
LSM 40506
JN4 cockpit. $18.00
New detailed fuselage
LSM 40507
Football ADF Antennae
2 pcs $5.00
B-29 exhausts LSM  40526 
$45.00/set of four
complete set for one aircraft

PV-1 Ferry Tanks and Torpedo
Tank now available
LSM 40516 
TBF/TBM wingfold for 
Acc. Min . kit  $35.00
The master parts set for this is for sale $350.00
LSM 40329
F9F tip tanks
LSM 40313
A-20 Bombardier's position
LSM 40520
stock exhausts for Monogram B-29
Two of each set   $15.00
F8F wing fold set  $16.00
B-25 fire bomber tank with decals $26.00
LSM 40534
R4D conversion, Skis, nose
intakes, rato pack and decals for Que Sera Sera, and Tilley from The Thing   $32.00 /21 parts
Model by Matt Quiroz
Coming soon
1/48 Siemans Halske 11 cylinder counter rotating engine for 1/48 Eduard Siemans Schuckert kit.
This motor is geared to actually rotate opposite of the propeller.
LSM 40158
F7F 800 Gal Tank
LSM 40356
TBM/TBF tanker
LSM 40359 
F-15 Tanker $50.00

LSM 40543
Stearman inst. Panels and seats with harness $10.00 
LSM 40545   Full Cockpit set for first version kit  as 
produced by Tamiya.  $27.00
LSM 40549  Wing fold for Minicraft kits. 3 pcs.
LSM 40550 Full cockpit set for Nichimo Nick kit  $27.00
LSM 40551
PBJ Belly radome  $6.00
Location should be approx1/8" further aft .Tiny Tims not included.
LSM 40552
B-58 Intake /exhaust covers,  4 of each
 8 part set $22.00
LSM 40301
B-26 cockpit $30.00

LSM 40309.
Short wing B-26 conversion  $58.00

LSM 40451
Turret block off plate
  ME-163 details
LSM 40559 ME-163 detail set
For Hawk/Testors kits  $18.00. Set includes a new canopy.
NEW! LSM40563
Travelaire Mysteryship cockpit set for the Hawk/Testors kits $12.00
LSM 40470 B-25 Tiny Tims and mounts $18.00
LSM 40566  
F-82 prop blades 4 right 4 left
Page Updated 4/4/15
LSM 40569
1/48 EB-57E conversion. 
For Airfix kit. $30.00
Can also be used on the older Classic Airframes kit.
LSM 40570
Hemit Valley Flying Service TBFTanker
w/decals $28.00
LSM 40571  For new ICM kit
C-45  Late style,long nacelles   for aircraft remanufactured after 1951 $15.00

LSM 40583 For older Battle Ax kit   $15.00
NEW! LSM 40578 For ICM kit
Replacement late model cranked wing roots. 2 pcs.
NEW!!! LSM40581
Beech 18 Bush plane with skis. 9 parts for ICM kit.  $25.00
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