1/48 Cockpits  
Detail sets  Conversions
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LSM 40344
B-58 3-place cockpit set
LSM 40323                  B-58  Engine  upgrade $40.00  includes intakes and exhausts enough parts for one model       
LSM 40174                        LSM 40202
F8F-2 cowling                  F8F wheel bay
$16.00                            $20.00
LSM 40177                        LSM 40175
F8F cockpit                   F8F diamond pattern 
  $20.00                                  $6.00                         
LSM 40142   
F7F 1000 Gallon tank

   LSM 40284    
F7U cockpit

LSM 40281                         
T-28 Wheels                       
LSM 40614  
XP-61E conversion 
     LSM 40365                                   LSM 40348                       F2G cockpit                                 AT-6 Hollywood Zero
    $15.00                                         $20.00 OOP
LSM 40369                                         
F7F Wing intakes 4 pcs. $15.00   
F7F Tigercat
Fire Bombers
T-28 Trojan
P-47C Thunderbolt
B-26 Marauder
F8F Bearcat
These items are designed for the Hobbycraft/Minicraft kits, but they can be used on the older Hawk kit as well.
B-58 Hustler
 Jenny, Stearman
LSM 40612
F-15 Reporter conversion

LSM 40393 
Pilot's cockpit  $15.00
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P-61 Blackwidow
Hawk/Ryan PT series kit conversions
LSM 40412
British Fighter
Hollywood radial cowling
as used in DIVE BOMBER
one piece resin  $12.00
LSM 40413
PT-22 Conversion
11 parts $18.00
LSM 40414
PT-20 /22 cockpit
8 parts  $20.00

Dornier DO 217 N-2
conversion for Monogram DO217 kit

LSM 40407
DO 217 N-2 conversion 
34 resin parts  
LSM 40314
PBJ-1J nose radar
LSM 40327
PBJ-1J wing radar
LSM 40367
P-47 C flat keel
Temp. discontinued
LSM 40376
P-47 C ferry tank only
LSM 40424 P-61 cockpit set 
Designed for the Monogram kit, may fit the Great Wall kit 11 pieces $20.00   
LSM 40421 P-61/ B-26 Marauder replacement props and spinners. For GWH or Monogram kit. $10.00

PV-1 Ventura  
LSM 40439
 PV-1 Diamond pattern replacement tires  $6.00

Closed bomb bay 
Replacement exhaust
PV-1 Night  fighter 9 pcs.
LSM 40450
Replacement tires
use kit rims
Entry door
LSM 40453
Cockpit set for Roden / Monogram kit.
Pictured in a Monogram kit fuselage.
LSM 40471
Wheel bays, Roden kit only.
$24.00 Not available 
LSM 40465 
Bomb racks 2/ $7.00 
P3 Orion
LSM 40469
For Tigger vac kit
LSM 40495 
1/48 F4U-1 Wing joint reinforcment
plugs for Tamiya F4U-1/1a kits
Makes assembly of the wing in the flying position easier.
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LSM 40501
P-61 Fixed Turret $8.00
LSM 40503
P-61 Empty pylons (4) $6.00
LSM 40505
JN4/Canuck conversion
5 pcs $18.00
LSM 40506
JN4 cockpit. $18.00
New detailed fuselage
B-29 exhausts LSM  40526 
$45.00/set of four
complete set for one aircraft

LSM 40516 
TBF/TBM wingfold for 
Acc. Min . kit  $35.00
The master parts set for this is for sale $350.00
LSM 40329
F9F tip tanks
LSM 40520
stock exhausts for Monogram B-29
Two of each set   $15.00
F8F wing fold set  $16.00
B-25 fire bomber tank with decals $26.00
LSM 40534
R4D conversion, Skis, nose
intakes, rato pack and decals for Que Sera Sera, and Tilley from The Thing   $32.00 /21 parts
Model by Matt Quiroz
1/48 Siemans Halske 11 cylinder counter rotating engine for 1/48 Eduard Siemans Schuckert kit.
This motor is geared to actually rotate opposite of the propeller.To be released
LSM 40158
F7F 800 Gal Tank
LSM 40356
TBM/TBF tanker
LSM 40613
F-15 Tanker conversion

LSM 40543
Stearman inst. Panels and seats with harness $10.00 
LSM 40551
PBJ Belly radome  $6.00
Location should be approx1/8" further aft .Tiny Tims not included.
LSM 40301
B-26 cockpit $30.00

LSM 40309.
Short wing B-26 conversion  $58.00
LSM 40451
Turret block off plate
  ME-163 details
LSM 40559 ME-163 detail set
For Hawk/Testors kits  $18.00. Set includes a new canopy.
Travelaire Mysteryship cockpit set for the Hawk/Testors kits $12.00
LSM 40566  
F-82 prop blades 4 right 4 left
Page Updated 3/12/16
LSM 40569
1/48 EB-57E conversion. 
For Airfix kit. $30.00
Can also be used on the older Classic Airframes kit.
LSM 40570
Hemit Valley Flying Service TBFTanker
w/decals $28.00
LSM 40583  Late model nacelles For older Battle Axe kit   $15.00
NEW!!! LSM40581
Beech 18 Bush plane with skis, new horseshoe  style main gear legs, new tires, engine heater baffles, long nacelles as pictured left and cranked wing root leading edge. parts for ICM kit. $25.00
LSM 40585  Re-release
F4F wing fold for Tamiya kit.. $28.00
LSM 40587 B-26 torpedo.
  NEW!LSM 40590  Late model Beech 18 update setIncludes late model nacelles and wing roots   plus new main landing gear and wheels.
B-29 Superfortress
F4U-1 Wing joint
F7U cockpit
R4D ski conversion
Travelaire Mysteryship
F-82 props
Beech 18/C-45 late model conversions
this set is required to properly use the new Caracal decal sheets
Prices DO NOT! include shipping.
Prices DO NOT! include shipping.
Prices DO NOT! include shipping.
Prices DO NOT! include shipping.
LSM  40400  B-58/XB70 J-93 test bed project
J-93 with aft internals and full decal sheet. B-58 not included!  $45.00
LSM 40351 1/48 Hansa Brandenberg W-29 conversion to Japanese Aichi W-34 MI-GO
New nose and radiator. No decals.  $12.00
LSM 40203A OS2U cockpit set
For Monogram kit. Includes front and rear cockpits $24.00 OOP
OS2U Kingfisher
LSM  40203B OS2U main float  $20.00 OOP
LSM 40595 1/48 Grumman Guardian Fire Bomber Tank "A" 
 Type as represented on Caracal  decal sheet  $15.00
LSM 40596 1/48 Grumman Guardian Fire Bomber Tank "B"
A bit larger and more oval in shape than tank "A" above $15.00
LSM 40597  Jake Replacement cockpit for Nichimo kit.  OOP
LSM 40449  Replacement engine, cowling and firewall for Nichimo Jake kit   OOP
LSM 40470 B-25 Tiny Tims and belly mounts
14 parts  $20.00
NEW!  LSM 40599Guardian Mad Boom  $15.00
NEW! LSM 40598 Guardian 6 spoke wheel set $6.00
LSM 40602 P-51 Long Range Pacific Tanks 
Minimum order on all foreign/overseas orders  $25.00
 LSM 40609  Wingless ME-163
no decals  $25.00
LSM 40584 RB-57A conversion
Can be used on Classic Airframes or Airfix B-57 kits.  Decals included for one natural metal and one gloss black aircraft.  $30.00
Now Available!
LSM 40603 F4U-5 Wingfold for Hasegawa kit
9 parts
LSM 40612  Resin fuselage F-15 Reporter fuselage nacelle. For use with new P-61 C kit or older LSM Reporter kits  $35.00 Cockpit interior canopy and decals are included. Don't need the decal? Knock $5.00 off the price. Photo to follow, for new Hobby Boss kit.
Photo to follow
Photo to follow
Photo to follow
P-61C/F-15 paddle blade props
Photo to follow
LSM 40615 Bf 110 cockpit set 
for Mauve and Fujimi kits. $28.00  NOW AVAILABLE!
LSM40430  110 gal paper type drop tanks. only light sanding required. $12.00/pair
LSM 40617 F-15 Reporter conversion
for Monogram/Revell kits includes cowling changes. $50.00