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LSM 70148
F7F 800 Gallon Belly tank
For Monogram kit $15.00
LSM 70293
EP-3E Conversion
For Hasegawa kits $25.00
LSM 70354  
X/Y B-52 conversion for Monogram kit $35.00 

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LSM 70254
S2F Tracker Firebomber for hasegawa kit
LSM 70321
 JD-1 Drone Controller For Italeri kit
This can also be used on the older Airfix kit This set includes one drone, water ballast tank and radar dish for the nose plus the clear dome
decals are included for the drone
LSM 70350
TBF firebomber tank for Hasegawa or Minicraft kits
(Tanker #58 style tank)
LSM 79370
A6 Intruder flaps
LSM 70366
 1000 gallon firebomber tank for Monogram kit
LSM 70389 
F7F-2D Drone Controller for Monogram kit  
$30..00  OOP
LSM 70390
A3 Skywarrior slats and flaps for Hasegawa kit
$15.00   Slats and flaps only. Modeler supplies the kit wing for the modification.

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LSM 70511
F7F-2N conversion Back position is included also
for Monogram kit
$15.00  OOP
LSM 70512
F7F cockpit for Monogram kit
LSM 70523 
Early B-26 Props/spinners

  LSM 70531 Auxiliary cheek guns for Pacific B-25s
Masters by Tom Baldwin
    LSM 70541   PBJ wing tip radar pod

 LSM 70542  PBJ Nose radar pod

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NEW!  LSM70573 
Hemet Valley type TBM Firebomber  $15.00
NEW! LSM70574
B25 Firebomber  $10.00
Model by Matt Quiros
    LSM 70580
B-52H  corrected replacement engine pods for the AMT kit.
20 resin parts.         $45.00/set OOP
NEW! LSM 70608  P-61 Fixed turret for DML kit
$5.00 (Modeler has to provide gun barrels)