Professional model work and repairs

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Not only do I make resin accesories ,I also build models on commission. Below are a few that I have built recently or repaired for some of the many companies here in the Houston area.

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Work Boat repair for BOA Offshore
Twin Presentation models for Dockwise Shipping. Ocean Monarch  on Blue Marlin 
1/1000 scale
Jack Up Rig, Offshore resolute For Dockwise Shiping 1/1000 scale
Model finished
Model parts created with 3D cad drawing program in rapid prototyping machine. These were to test my painting skills by a prospective client.
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Before: As model was received with  massive shipping damage. The Crew Quarters and Bow broken off completely. Most all deck fittings,cranes and life boats as well  were  damaged or broken off of the model.
Model Repair
Bow repaired
Paint removed and ready to relocate the Crew Quarters.
Cranes replaced and repaired.
Crew Quarters reattached, life boats and davits rebuilt. Work is underway to rebuild the Helipad.
Good as new! All repairs completed and ready for delivery back to the Client.