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  I do  not keep a standing stock of the products listed here, I do not have the room. I cast orders when I receive paid orders. Seldom can I ship an order the day after I receive it. I  also only make a post office trip once a week. 
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Mike West


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Looking the part of a Mountain man! Sandia Peak New Mexico, March 2011
   It is hard to believe I have been casting resin kits and accessories for thirty years. From a humble beginning with a 1/48 F2G conversion set of only    4 parts  to what you see here today. The original F2G kit was a result of a customer hiring me to convert an Otaki F4U for him  and his friend asking for one as well. As a result I made copy molds  of the parts
  The first 1/48 kit was a 1/48 Vacuformed  Hanriot HD-1 kit. This kit originally was part of a line I began with a partner under the company name Vintage Aero Models. 
  Around this same time I began a line of 1/192 scale US Civil War ship kits that grew to around 30 different kits. These were sold to Flag Ship Models around 7 years ago.

  I want to thank all of you, many of whom have also become my friends. I would not be doing this if not for you and your continued support and suggestions for new items. I hope to continue for many more years.

  Thank you all, Mike

Welcome to the Intergalactic web site for Lone Star Models
Please read this.
Some seem to think Lone Star Models is a big company with a number of employees busily casting and packing orders. It is not. Lone Star Models is the result of one man, me! I began building models again in the mid 1970's. From the start I just could not build many models box stock. As a result of my conversions  and scratch building, I started Lone Star Models.
  I make the masters with a few exceptions) ,make the molds, do the casting, packing mailing and secretarial work  I DO NOT!!! keep a warehouse stocked with the items  you see here. I cast them when a paid order is received. From time to time I have a sale. Thus is both good and bad. The bad part is I get so many orders and many very large ones that I can not get all of them cast and packed in a reasonable time frame. Depending on the volume it might be a month or more before your order is shipped.  Also the rubber molds used for this sort of model making do not last forever. The best case scenario I might get 30 parts and that is good or bad parts. Eventually the mold must be made over, this too takes time.

   I make every effort to get orders out as fast as I can but you need to be patient, you will get what you ordered.

 Regards, Mike